– Invited to take part in the fair all publishers, distributors, authorized representatives, importers, exporters, and retail
– You may display books of your production or books which you distributed, imported or exported, and books involved in your
   own bookselling activities, paper and graphic manufactures and related activities.

  • Manufacturers and importers of machines and graphic accessories:

 – May display all items related to the activity by which you have been admitted to participate in the Fair

  • Writers and authors, associations, theatre and other artistic activities, professional chambers, graphic designers and artists:

– May display their documentation and books connected with their activities and those of their associates.

  • Foreign embassies, chambers and companies:

– May display books as well as any printed material related to their cultural activities.

  • National, state and city organizations, public, private, national or city libraries:

– May display their organization and activities and may also carry out promotional work. Libraries are allowed to enroll new

  • Antique dealers:

 – May display books and materials from their collections, and are eligible also to display newspapers and journals with
   permanent literary supplement, products of teaching aids (incorporated with permanent books or writing materials) literary
   records, slides, cassettes, of recorded in so far as they form part of or complement a certain book.