Terms and Conditions of Participation

  • The exhibitor must provide the organizer with: two passport copies of the delegation members, in addition to one personal photo per participant in order to issue an exhibitor card and dates of arrival and departure.

1 – The organizer reserves the right to postpone the fair, alter the duration or hours of opening and closing, cancel it if there are
  important reasons for that. Any of these alterations will have no effect on the validity of contracts with exhibitors and on the
   organizer’s claim for full payment of the stand rental.

2 – The conclusion of the contracts doesn’t entitle the exhibitor to a specific position.

3 – The organizer keeps the right to decrease the stand size, and amend the invoice accordingly.

 4 – Any decorations or promotional materials must be fixed to the stand walls in such a way that the stand material isn’t
  damaged or disfigured (e.g. permanent adhesive tape).

5 – It isn’t allowed to use any kind of flashing lights on the stand, distributing or offering stickers is also forbidden.

6 – The Audio-Visual equipment usage is allowed only in case it doesn’t disturb the neighboring stands. Advertising in the
  fairground must be arranged by the Fair Management.

Non-compliance with Terms and Conditions

  • The organizer may exclude an exhibitor from the fair if he does not comply with the terms and conditions and persists on doing so after admonition or repeats breaches of the contract which have already been admonished at previous fairs. In particularly serious cases, this exhibitor may also be excluded from future fairs, also applied if the exhibits banned by court of law have been shown or if the exhibitor or his employees have committed or encouraged punishable offence (e.g. Theft or deliberate copyright infringements).